Security Issues

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Dec 8, 2006 at 11:52 PM
Fine work! Still some issues with security related to the fact that the default Host Instance does not have enough rights and in my opinion should not have:

1. After installation and configuration the adapter refuses to work. The reason was that Host Instance does not have permission to create source "TcpAdapter" to the Application log. The work around was to run the Host Instance once as an administrator. This creates the needed source.

2. The trace is written by default to a folder that is under Program Files. This is not a good practice. Also the trace file obviously does not have permission to write there. I defined the trace and deadmessage folders to a different location and granted access rights to the Host Instance.

3. The duplex mode wants to update the Party definition. The error message is:

The receive location "DuplexOneWay:TCP" with URL "TCP://s2:21968" is shutting down. Details:"Failed while Updating the Party 'TestParty'. Permission denied. The current user does not have privilege to complete the operation.".

This is actually something that is difficult to correct without granting BizTalk Administrator privileges to the Host Instance. Any ideas how to do it differently in a more subtle way? I really would not like to elevate the Host Instance privileges unnecessarily.

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