Biztalk server 2010 Codeplex adapter for TCP\IP

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Aug 9, 2013 at 1:58 AM
Hi Team,

i am starting to use the codeplex Tcp\IP adapter in my project working on BizTalk server 2010. but after digging into the Source code and adapter properties , adapter is expecting two properties from the message"Start Delimeter" and "End Delimeter". but, as per my client he is not sending any start and end delimeters with the message. i just want to know whether this two properties can be disabled in the adapter properties? if we can then how would adapter respond for the messages without the start and end delimeter.

can you please send me the source code modified which doesnt contain the "Start Delimeter" and "End Delimeter" please. please reply as soon as possible as this is urgent requirement.